Account Management
Mass Account Management for Active Directory (ADMAM) is an application for bulk creating and managing network user accounts from source data extracted directly from your MIS database or from data contained in a source file. ADMAM will create network user accounts for every new learner inserted into your MIS database automatically each night without any user interaction based on rules within definable profiles.

Account properties and settings are automatically populated from template user accounts and custom mapping of source data to Active Directory schema attributes when the user is created. A variety of password options allow you to fully configure new accounts ready for use. Options for locating new account objects in your Active Directory structure range from a single Organisation Unit for all new users through to configurable rules that determine the location and template used to create new accounts.

Home and Profile folders can be created with options for configuring NTFS permissions granting access to specified users and groups. In addition, home folders can be created as shares with default files and folders automatically copied to each user. An account naming scheme allows you to use the source data to build logon names ranging from simply using a field such as the student reference number through to complex naming schemes selecting any part of any source field to build object names as required.