Home Ownership Management

Right to Buy

Our Home Ownership Management solution has been developed to improve the management, tracking and auditing of the many Home Ownership schemes and processes. Using the system’s many features will allow you to track and record all activity from application to completion giving you a complete audit trail of the whole process and ensures you meet the latest government legislation. The system’s Integrated Document Management feature allows you to store and retrieve all electronic documents and correspondence to offer a true paperless system which will improve efficiency ensuring that every document will always be available and easily located. A powerful report engine produces custom reports, financial data and the ability to create bulk Mail Merge documents to tenants, solicitors, estate agents, internal documentation and ODPM returns. Report data can also be exported to Excel Spreadsheet for further analysis. All key information collected by the system is designed around a flexible framework allowing the addition of new fields when required to extend application related data. All data collected including custom questions can be merged into any document using the built in Microsoft Word integration.

Supports the new Voluntary Right to Buy scheme.

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