School Staff Management

Manage Staff Details and Custom Process with Integrated Dashboard & Reports

Product Summary
Our School HR management system allows you to visualise your SIMS staff data using a variety of reports and dashboards. The system can also implement on-line processes that SIMS is not capable of performing such as staff absence requests, staff personal details change requests, expense claims, mileage claims. In fact, there are limitless opportunities for bespoke on-line form designs, workflows and reports using our built-in design tools.

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System Features
Unlike other on-line systems that offer only pre-configured and simple forms, our system can record any data that is required using custom on-line forms and processes.

Any custom document can be created giving you complete control of what data is captured within the system and also what processes you make available on-line.

All data recorded can be used for creating custom reports and dashboards.

  • Staff Personal Details
  • Sickness
  • Absence
  • Contracts
  • Pay Scales
  • Identity Checks
  • Vehicle Details
  • Mileage and Expense Claims
  • Timesheets
  • Change of Details Requests
  • Many other processes...
Example Reports
Dashboard of staff by employment demographics
List main contract details for all staff separated into teaching and support staff.
The system has a number of absence reports but many more can be created based on your own requirements.
The example below visualises and details absence for CV19 reasons.
Sick days anaysis (Rolling 12 Months).
The system has a number of sickness reports but many more can be created based on your own requirements.
The example below displays current Bradford actor values.
Breakdown of the number of staff leaving the organisation over the past 10 years and a breakdown by month for the last rolling 12 months by number and FTE.
Staff Record