Virtual Integrated Tracking & Administration of Learners



VITAL is an e-administration system that allows you to design custom tracking processes to deliver your course and learner administration on-line eliminating the majority of your paper based procedures. The system is installed on your network and integrates with your Management Information System ensuring that you have up to date robust management, tracking and reporting features with no cumbersome imports. VITAL can also link with any other database used in your organisation to extract relevant information made available within custom tracking documents, views or dashboards.

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System Features
Unlike other on-line systems that offer only pre-configured and simple mark-book data capture, VITAL can record any data that is required and paper documents can be reproduced at any time if required. This unique approach allows you to electronically capture specific document, module or assessment data as well as broadening the range of areas that can be tracked and managed on-line. Any custom document can be created giving you complete control of what data is tracked within the system and also what processes you make available on-line.

In addition to providing learner achievement and monitoring mechanisms, VITAL can be used for many administrative procedures including:

  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Functional Skills
  • Assessment Tracking
  • A-Level/GCSE Markbook
  • Course Tutorials
  • Learning Support
  • Course Reviews
  • Internal Verification
  • Course Team Meetings
  • Induction Checklists
  • Entry Qualifications
  • QCA Point Calculations
  • Enrichment
  • Actions, SMART Targets, etc
  • and much moreā€¦

e-Portfolio Solution
In addition to the many tracking features, VITAL is also a fully featured e-Portfolio solution allowing your organisation to host all learner tracking and monitoring across all provision within a single in-house system. Evidence documents and resource links are uploaded and linked to unit criteria elements using a single upload process.

Staff, Learners and Employers
Staff have access to learner and course information within VITAL ensuring that relevant data is on hand whenever it is required. Permission to tracking documents can be granted with fine control ensuring that reading and writing tracking data is avalable to those users that require it. Confidential information can also be recorded within VITAL where permission to sensitive data is tightly controlled. Learners and employers also have access to specific information within the system enabling you to eliminate even more paper based feedback procedures.