Curriculum Observer Reports


Curriculum Observer creates most reports as Excel documents but can also create Word documents merging all observation data to bulk produce hard copies. Any Word template can be used to produce Word documents to your exact requirements. Every unique element within an observation form can be contained in reports and multiple choice elements can be used for report grouping.

Data from your MIS database relating to the learners observed as well as staff can also be included and used for grouping at any time regardless of observation form design. This includes data such as:

  • Observers
  • Staff Managers
  • Staff Curriculum Structure (Faculties & Departments)
  • Course Curriculum Structure (Faculties & Departments)
  • Course Sector Skill Area
  • Course Mode of Attendance
  • Course Level
  • Course Type
  • Any multiple choice Observation document element

Comments relating to Strengths and Areas for Improvement are also available presented either as a matrix or with full comments broken down by category. This allows you to visualise at a glance those teachers requiring additional help and guidance.