Curriculum Surveyor Examples

Survey Design Overview

All surveys designed within Curriculum Surveyor can contain any number of questions spread over one or multiple pages each with logic controlling the visibility of additional questions. This approach ensures that respondents are only presented with questions that are relevant to responses they make as they progress through the questionnaire. Additionally, surveys can be designed with multiple profiles each targetting a specific demographic determined at the time the survey is launched. Profile selection is automatic based on demographic data within your MIS database.

Alternate profiles can be used to change or add graphics, alter question wording making them easier to understand for the targetted demographic or to exclude certain questions or multiple choice options as appropriate. The look and feel of each profile can also be configured allowing font sizes, typefaces, colours, etc to be controlled. Respondents (Learners, Parents, Staff, Employers and other key stakeholders) can open a survey at any time during its active period to save their responses. Respondents can also part-complete and gain access to the survey at a later date to complete it.

Default Profile Design

This design is presented unless the respondent belongs to an alternate demographic profile.
(Question 6 controls the visibility of additional questions)

Under 18 Demographic Profile Design

This is an alternate design of the survey above presented with grpahics more suited to learners of a younger age.
(Question 6 controls the visibility of additional questions)

Opinion Polls

Opinion polls are small surveys that can be embedded within any page of your Intranet for gathering feedback on current 'hot' topics.

Profiles and Reporting

A survey can have any number of alternate demographic profile designs. However, a single consistent questionnaire design is used for reporting and analysis.