Curriculum Surveyor

Working closely with the education sector we have developed a fully integrated enterprise feedback management system that will allow you to survey Learners, Staff, Employers, Parents and the wider community with ease. Curriculum Surveyor is hosted on your network and features full integration with your Management Information System and Network.

This ensures that the administration of a survey is automated, immediate and puts you in full control of the whole survey process. There are almost limitless opportunities to produce reports in bespoke formats, but perhaps the biggest advantage is that information within your MIS database can be linked with respondent results for demographic and cross tabulated analysis.

This unique approach allows you to remove demographic questions such as gender, age, ethnicity, etc from surveys as this information will be linked in during analysis. These reporting techniques allow for very granular analysis using any data within your MIS database such as Ethnicity & Diversity, Age Group, Sector Skill Area, Employer Status (WBL,TtG, etc), Qualification Level, in fact any information you hold can be used for survey analysis.

Automatic Profiling

Our unique profiling mechanism allows you to create surveys that will automatically change their appearance depending on the profile demographic of the learner. This can be used either to simply change the formatting of questionnaire content (colours, typeface, size, etc) or to alter how questions present themselves making them easier to understand for students with learning difficulties, age groups, ESOL or any other profile you require.

Popup Notification

When a learner or member of staff logs on to one of your computers, Curriculum Surveyor can immediately notify them if they have any active surveys yet to complete. This mechanism can also be linked with your VLE ensuring that exposure to surveys is immediate.

Automating the Learner Views/Framework for Excellence Survey

Curriculum Surveyor has a built-in mechanism to automate the Learner Views survey taking the complication out of manually distributing and tracking learner completion. It also enables learners to gain access to the survey without the need to complete any college or learner identification questions as these are completed automatically.

  • Simplifies the Learner Views Survey for both learner and College
  • Reduces the time taken to complete the survey by automatically completing identification questions
  • Allows you to track survey completion and perform demographic analysis of respondents

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