Curriculum Surveyor Reports

Report Overview

Curriculum Surveyor has a powerful report engine that can create reports based on any set of respondents to produce combined, curriculum level, demographic and cross tabulated formats with a variety of aggregate calculations and chart styles available.

Our unique MIS Dataset feature allows you to include any set of values from your MIS database as if respondents were answering questions. This is an extremely powerful feature that can be used to report by Gender, Ethnicity, Age, etc without those questions being present in the survey. There is no limit to the range of values or complexity that can be included in this way allowing you to analyse by any facet of your learner, enrolment or curriculum data.

Reports are primarily created in HTML format for easy viewing and linking with your Intranet allowing results to be quickly distributed around your organisation. Output to Excel format is also available for custom analysis if required as well as action plan pro-forma documents where key question results fall below specified values.